December 2020

Featured Articles 

Subject Author Page
The Lost Brothers Michael J Bourne 147
Revisiting The Wellers Of RusperLinda Power151
Poor, Nasty, Brutish & ShortSue Ayling153
Taking Over My LifeRosie Ansell155
My Family History Green Shoots!Pat Able161
DNA EthnicityKeith Stanley163
'It Is Well With The Lad'Susan Martin164
Don't Put OffNigel Sawyer166
A Stranger In The House?Chris Kesteven171
Frontis UpdateBrian Eaton174
Infectious Disease

Descended From A French Saltpetre Worker?

Letter From Jamaica

Unanswered Questions

A Family Migration Up Stane Street

My Dad Went Over Beachy Head
David Green

John F Howes & Margaret P Welfare

Pamela Whittaker

Norman Allcorn

Ann Williams

Teresa Whetstone







Regular Items 

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Chairman's Letter 146
From the Editor150
SFHG News158
From the Facebook page160
From the Records Office168
Members queries171
Books reviews179
Zoom Meetings
Publications for sale194
Picture gallery196

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