Surname interest application

Sussex Family History Group aims to fully protect any personal information which you supply to us and will only share your contact details where consent has been given and only for the purpose for which that consent was obtained and in accordance with the law.  Please refer to our full Privacy Notice and Data Protection Policy on the website

  • The Members’ Interests database is stored on a computer
  • When you advise SFHG of your interests you will be asked whether you wish for them to be viewed by any visitors to the website or only by fellow members.
  • You will also be asked to supply an email address (if you have one) and you will have the opportunity to say if you wish for that address displayed with the interests.
  • If you do not have an email address any enquiries regarding your interests will be forwarded to you by post and you can choose whether to respond.

You may add your interests to the database by:

  • Completing the form at the foot of this page – this generates an email
  • or, using a similar layout, sending the information by email to the Interests Secretary.
  • JOINT MEMBERS. Please list your interests separately. If the same list is sent for both members only the first membership number will be entered

Your interests will then appear;

  • once in the Sussex Family Historian
  • on the website
  • in any future publication of Members' Interests unless you cancel them or asked for them to be removed
  • Your contact email will only be included if you have given your consent
This is a **members only** service, please ensure you are logged in as an active member, if not please renew your membership.

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