March 2020

Featured Articles 

Subject Author Page
The intrepid Captain David Dring Wayne Jackson 3
A shocking discovery in a meadowDavid Green9
A forgotten woman ArtistRoger Sutton11
A woman down underSusan Martin14
The here in the Past ProjectClive Reedman21
"Fleur De Lys"David Dyer23
Nomine Tantrum SilexNick Flint26
From downstairs to upstairsClive Reedman31
More unusual Census returnsJose' Gibbs38
Methodism & the 1851 Religious CensusDavid Lambourne39
Missing: The Wartime account of two brothersJill Holmes43

Regular Items 

Subject Page
Chairman's Letter 2
From the Editor8
SFHG News13
From the Records Office18
From the Facebook group25
Members queries29
Books reviews35
Picture gallery37
Local meeting centres44
Publications for sale46

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