National Burial Index

The FHF Publishes the National Burial Index and the SFHG contributed its burial records.

NBI V3 has over 18.4 million burials. Sussex contributors have provided over 300,000. The SFHG's collection of burials records is part of our Tombstones and Burials Index, which also includes monumental inscriptions, and is being added to the SFHG Data Archive hosted by Frontis.

There is more detail of the National Burial Index at the Family History Federation website.

Tombstones and Burials Index

The Index includes records of inscriptions on tombstones, plaques, and memorials, together with burials. At the last count the computer database held about 186,000 monumental inscriptions, a quarter with photographs, and over 800,000 burials. The database provides full details of the inscription on the tombstone, any peculiarities of the tombstone, its location within the church yard, the church yard name and location.

Lists of church yards and surnames in the MI database, and of surnames in the collection of MI photographs, are viewable via the tabs below.

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