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An Index and Transcription of all known marriages in Sussex between 1538-1837.   Over 300,000 marriages, licences and some banns, from all known extant sources and also includes over 7,000 marriages of Sussex people married outside Sussex.   This is a fully searchable database, not PDF files.   Numerous Search options are provided with surname variants, wildcards, forename and year ranges. Results may also be printed.  A Map of the Surname distribution by parishes can be viewed and printed.  
Requires a computer running the Microsoft Windows system.  It may be used on a Mac computer with additional appropriate software. See below.
Please check before purchasing.  These details and other information/assistance are available in the SUPPORT section which also includes additional information for MS Vista, Windows 7, 8 & 10 and post purchase updates, additions and corrections etc.

Addition information:  Although a number of the 310 ancient parishes in Sussex have registers (PRs) that date back to their introduction in 1538, the average starting date is 1592 but there are often later gaps, particularly over the Commonwealth period. Some of the earlier periods and later intervals are covered by the Bishops’ Transcripts (BTs) which are ‘duplicates’ of the registers for which the average starting date, where they survive, in West Sussex is 1567 and in the East 1606. Unfortunately, the BTs are completely lacking for the period 1642-61, although after this they are usually continuous with perhaps the odd year missing here or there. Apart from the above PRs (or the BTs where these are lacking) the Sussex Marriage Index also includes Sussex strays from marriage records in London and neighbouring counties and, unusually for a marriage index, all surviving allegations for marriage licences and the Sussex parties in many London and Canterbury allegations. Although most nonconformists had to marry in an Anglican church until 1837, Quakers were an exception and the Index includes their ceremonies from 1659. Catholics frequently repeated their marriages before a priest and, although few records survive, these are included from 1720.
Finally, many secret weddings took place in the precincts of the Fleet Prison, London, from 1667-1754, and over a thousand of these involving Sussex people are included. The Index does not normally include records after the introduction of General Registration in July 1837. 


The Sussex Marriage Index (CD or Memory Stick) is designed to work with the Microsoft “Windows” operating system.
It is not compatible with the “Mac” operating system.

You may be able use the Sussex Marriage Index on a Mac computer with some additional software.  Requirements and information about some options are detailed under the "Marriage Index" heading in the SUPPORT section in the Shop.


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