Land Tax - West Sussex 1805 & 1815

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A compilation of the two "Sussex Land Tax" transcription for 1805: (The year of the battle of Trafalgar) and 1815: (The year of the battle of Waterloo) at a lower price.
Land Tax was created under parliamentary legislation in 1692/3 and was voted annually until 1798. In that year it was made permanent by statute and redemption of the tax was made possible by the pre-payment of fifteen years' tax. It was a tax on personal property that included land, houses, shops, wharfs, woods, meadows, mills, tithes, glebes and salaries. In Sussex, records survive annually - with some gaps - for the Rape of Hastings from 1692, for the Rape of Pevensey from 1750, and for the remainder of Sussex from 1780 until 1832. Some parish listings extend to the twentieth century. The main series 1780-1832 was kept by the Clerk of Quarter Sessions. Payment of the tax qualified persons for voting in Parliamentary elections until 1832.
Transcribed by Michael J Burchall from digital copies of the handwritten returns at West Sussex Record Office. Over 300 pages and indexed with a useful historical introduction.
Word-searchable pdf document requiring Adobe Version 9 or later. Published by Parish Register Transcription Society.