Sussex Poor 1661-1850

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A compilation of the "Sussex Poor 1661-1800" and "Sussex Poor 1801-1850" transcriptions at a lower price. 
1. 1661-1800. Comprises edited abstracts from the Quarter Session records of the ancient county of Sussex covering all aspects of the operation of the Old Poor Laws and associated legislation during the period 1661-1800 that concerned private and parish apprentices, bastardy, beggars, lunatics, marriages, the poor, settlements, removals, rogues, vagabonds and any other case that had a bearing on the poor in general with the exception of debtors and bankrupts. It also includes payments made to wounded or maimed soldiers and sailors in the seventeenth century and payments to the families of serving militia men at the end of the eighteenth century and licences to erect cottages on manorial waste licenced by the lords of various manors. 
2. 1801-1850. In this period there were two changes to the regulations: the Vagrancy Act of 1824 and the Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834. The Vagrancy Act, 21 June 1824: An Act for the Punishment of idle and disorderly Persons, and Rogues and Vagabonds, in England, repealed all previous legislation touching vagrancy, and introduced three major categories of vagrants: idle and disorderly persons, rogues and beggars, and incorrigible rogues. 
There are many editorial additions to add to the value of the work to enhance its utility as a research tool and guide.
Fully searchable. .pdf reader required. Published by Parish Register Transcription Society.