East Sussex Removal Orders 1662-1862

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Approximately 10,000 East Sussex Removal Orders 1662-1862 mostly at East Sussex Record Office, but also at West Sussex, Kent and Surrey Record Offices, are calendared in this work which comprises details of all known orders of removal created under the Old Poor Law that can be found among the various parish collections in the East Sussex Record Office and which pertain to parishes in the post-1974 county. Families are listed in both dispatching and receiving parish .A number of parishes have post-1834 removal orders and these have also been included. Not every parish has an archive of removal orders and many original documents have been irretrievably lost. To compensate for this in a small way, each document has been cross-referenced to the receiving or dispatching parish if that parish is in East Sussex and by using this method lost records have been recovered and, in several parishes, represent the only records of removal. For example, the parish archive of Brighton contains not a single removal order, but by cross-referencing 275 removal orders from the parish and 72 removal orders to the parish, 1686-1863, have been recovered. Such recovered records are entered in italics in this calendar. To make the calendar of even more value, stray removal orders in parish collections in West Sussex Record Office, the Centre for Kentish Studies (formerly Kent Archive Office) and the Surrey History Centre (formerly Surrey County Record Office), have also been included. 
transcribed from original records by Michael Burchall FSG.  .pdf reader required. Published by Parish Register Transcription Society.