LEET group


​This merry band of ladies must be having a short break from their normal duties! I have studied this photograph and have figured they are playing with rhubarb sticks in the summer sunshine. I guess the evening meal might just include those chicken legs /drum sticks too! The lady on the right is my late grandmother Ellen (Nellie) LEET (nee BURNS). I am keen to find out who her colleagues were and where they are working.


​Eva LEET (my late mother), here in the white t-shirt was I know a keen cyclist and lived in Haywards Heath. Apparently she could lift up her bike with just her little finger! Could this photo could be Brighton and who is her companion? Was she also from Haywards Heath? I understand my mother belonged to a local 'Sussex' cycling club and enjoyed going off on very long cycling trips.


​I would be keen to hear from anyone who has any information.

CONTACT: Patricia Veal

Policeman Smart
Samuel Hall Parks

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